Monday Baby!

Hello World!!!

Happy Monday evening from Austin, TX! I am super excited to announce I will be competing in June at Austin’s Fittest!! I am finally getting my groove back after some major injury setbacks. Tomorrow I will attempt to front squat, and I hope to be at least back to my 265. We will see! I have not squatted in over a year due to my abdominal tear. It’s been an extremely patient and humbling experience to say the least.

Today though I competed in class against some of my favorite people. I kept up with the guys, per my usual before my injury. I must say after competing Saturday and going after it again today, I feel great about myself and where I stand. I didn’t lose much strength or power. Yes, I’m very winded, but that will build itself back up. Plus, I’m on the ketogenic diet; 80% of my diet is fat! (A topic for another time) With the strength I had today, I hope to improve my front squat number despite 0 squatting!

Wish me luck and pray I do not break anything!

Xoxo B

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