Perfection or Progression?

It’s 1:30AM. I cannot sleep, and a million thoughts are racing through my brain. This is not uncommon for me on my new diet or as an Aquarius. I am burning up with ideas and thoughts to write about and detail to you my life’s journey. But this particular topic at this late hour seemed to resonate. Why couldn’t it happen at 3pm when I was available to write? God works in mysterious ways! Back to the topic at hand!

In my own definition, perfection means to do everything 150% correct without flaws or mistakes. To be perfect, one must always be on the ball and never miss a beat even when a curve ball is thrown. Perfect is when you clean your room to someone else’s liking, make sure there is no dirt on your car floor and that the dog is prestigiously clean. Do you live this way? Do you know someone who strives for “perfection” instead of “progression”? Do you think they even know what the latter definition means? I grew up thinking I needed to always be perfect. Boy was I wrong!

Here is my take on progression: it is an every day struggle to wake up with a winning attitude, but you still made it out of bed. You may not have an award winning career or job, but you give your very best while looking for other options. You train so freaking hard at the gym, and you see minor results every few months instead of every week. Guess what? ME TOO!! You are PROGRESSING towards your own personal PERFECTION! Say that to yourself a few times, and let it sink in.

Do you have goals? Do you want to be a better person? Do you love yourself enough to know that progress makes perfect? YES, you do! You know this, because you make changes every day in your life. You may not even recognize the changes until someone points them out to you. Keep in mind….(shh, I’m whispering) you are your own perfect!!!!!

As a society we continue to say we as individuals are not perfect. We continue to put ourselves down by pigeonholing within societal norms. Wake up!! You, yes Y O U are perfect! Why?

Think of yourself for 2 minutes (because I know you don’t do this enough). Picture yourself with a drink in your hand sitting on a beach sun bathing. You finally took that dream vacation to an island with no worries or cares. Your electronics are stored away in your suitcase, and you’re soaking up sun and fresh air. Sounds too good to be true doesn’t it? It does, because your mind immediately went back to reality…what about my kids? Where’s my significant other or my pets? Did the trash get taken out? You went back to perfect instead of driving towards progression!!!!

In the fitness community, there is no such thing as a perfect lift, a perfect physique, a perfect diet; we struggle and we fight just to progress most days of the week! Your lifts could be crappy one day and brilliant the next. Why? Well, maybe you had a rough day to start and skipped a meal. Maybe you have a flat tire or someone stole your wallet. Or maybe like most of us, stay up late thinking about life as we know it!

Regardless of the event, redefine perfection through progression. Do not shy away from the idea that progress makes perfect, and please keep in mind your day on the island. Grow, baby, grow!

Xoxo B

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