Wonder Woman: Hear Her Roar

Happy Hump Day!!! I’m overly excited today! Why? Umm because I went to yoga this morning on my off day and had an amazing interaction with a client. She kicked some major butt today, and I am super proud of her. Not only does she juggle being a mother to two beautiful boys, she manages to workout under my wing even with the baby present during the workout. That my friends is dedication!

Today’s session started off with heavy sumo deadlifts (if you don’t know what they are, please ask) and push-ups. That was about 5 rounds give or take. We then went into a 10-1 of wallballs, kettle bell swings and pull ups. 10-1 is 10 reps of each exercise then 9 each and so on. The swings were 10 each arm. Not only did my client finish working in 15 minutes, she even managed to calm her son down who had a mini episode. Let that sink in…she kicked some serious butt on both ends! When they say moms can do everything and then some, she sure proved that to be true! To say I am proud of her is holding back. She truly gave me new perspective on what it means to be a mother and an active one at that!

To the moms out there making a difference in your personal lives and showing your children how to lead by example, kudos to you. Be freaking proud of yourselves! You’re amazing, and I love you all!!

xoxo B

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