Breathe, Stretch, Shake-Thanks, P Diddy

Happy Friday to you all! Does anybody have amazing weekend plans? Please feel free to share with me. I will be training some clients and finding the right gym to work out of. 

Before I start writing about myself, I want to give a huge shout out to my friend Rimas today. He’s overcome some serious life threatening injuries over the last year or so, and today he hit a personal best deadlift at 460 pounds!!! Yes, you read that right! He’s a 46 year old man, his sign is Leo and every day we are blessed with the most beautiful heart and soul. I love his energy and being around him in class gives me motivation to push and be a better version of myself. If Rimas can do it, so can I!

Today though was not a personal best for me. I too am almost 100%, but I am still injured. My shoulder is a mess, my groin bothers me every so often, and I am not completely sure my abdomen healed properly after being torn for so long. I am still alive and that counts. But for those of you who live with a disease or injury every day know how debilitating you feel and want to succeed. Some days everything works in your favor. Life is peachy and the sun sets on your back. There’s a beautiful sense of relief and you’re blessed with satisfaction. 

The biggest life lesson and satisfaction for me is knowing I can and will overcome my injuries through my diet and proper exercise. However, today felt like a defeat. I know I wanted to lift more than 200 pounds, and I did that by hitting 285 pounds on my deadlift. But I wanted to run out of the gym and cry in my car.

I’ve worked very hard on getting myself in great shape, breathing techniques, massages, etc., but I didn’t follow or believe in my own message this afternoon. I was too consumed about something else and in my own head. I forgot to have fun like Rimas did. I forgot to be that little girl who I miss so much these days as I ‘adult’. I let someone get into my head without them even knowing it. It hurt my chances of a personal best or at least matching my old numbers. 

I know I am rambling, but the moral is to breathe, stretch and shake it off. Why let someone else affect your performance or your personal self growth or worth? If they left you high and dry, it was because there’s something wrong with them not you. If you forgive them, move on and find peace, why do they continue to step into your mind and create chaos? Because you love them, and you’d give anything to be with them and make them happy, right?

That is where I struggled today and sometimes every day. I let my heart dictate my mind and body instead of lifting the 315 pound bar off the ground with ease as everyone watched and stared in disappointment. Guess what though? Tomorrow is a new day full of promises, love and hope. Learning to let go of what happens to you is one of the hardest lessons in life. For now, I’ll continue to breathe and meditate, stretch before bed and shake everything off in the shower! Enjoy your evening kids!

xoxo B

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