Do What You LOVE❤

Happy Sunday Friends!

Yesterday I was extremely busy with job interviews, prospective clients and socializing with a few friends. For those that were looking for a post, here is one before I hit the hay. Keto makes me fall asleep on time every night-huge benefit!

A few years back before we dated, I chatted with an ex boyfriend before our strength class. He asked me what I did for work, and as you could imagine with disgust in my words and my face I told him I sold chemicals. He asked if that was a dream of mine, and I shouted no of course not; in it for the money! He followed up asking why I was not doing what I loved. He was following his dream of becoming a fireman, and you could see the light in his eyes and the energy through his smile. “You need to do what you love! What’s the point of life if you’re not happy?” Well aside from the relationship not working out, I thank him for asking me that question.

For those of you in every day jobs you’re either bored in, too good for, not interested in the field, you need to leave asap. Your passion will always be in the back of your mind of course, but why have you ignored it or not acted upon it yet? Hello!!!

Fear of course! We fear the unknown or the risks. We fear not having the financial means, the negatives of our high paying jobs, etc. I personally dreamt of playing pro basketball. That dream was over and done with when I stopped growing in 5th grade. I’ve always wanted to help people, which is why I became involved in the fitness industry. I am finally following one of my MANY passions!

Today I made a list of my fears that would prevent me from starting my fitness business. It is frightening to think that I could lose everything, but what if I don’t? ‘What if’s’ are positive thoughts running through my mind; nevermind negativity or fears. If you think negative thoughts, you will stay in that negative space. Tomorrow I will make sure I will write down the positive aspects of my business. I’m excited to share both side of those with you all when I write them down. I will be looking forward to your opinions!

Time for Bed!!!

xoxo B

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