Workout of the Day!

People asked me to post workout videos, and they’re coming so don’t worry! First thing is first: workout of the day series!!! If you don’t have access to a gym, even if you do, below is a sweet and killer workout. You can do it while traveling in hotel gyms too! Get up and get moving my friends!!

Warmup: 2 rds
30s plank (focus on hip tuck)
10 r/l (right/left) bird dog
5 narrow 5 regular 5 wide push ups
5 instep rotations


4×10 Glute bridges
4×10 wide lunges

4×10 tricep dips (use a chair)
Single arm overhead object carry (20m)
1 min jump rope

10 burpees
10 r/l heacy object rows
6 r/l weighted step ups (use your baby if you have to)!

Questions? Email me at, text/call @ 267-280-7458 and subscribe to my blog under the contact section.

You can also find me on Instagram @bpars1121 and BMAPP Fitness on Facebook. Enjoy your hump day!

xoxo B

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