Workout for Today!

The workout of the day:

Warm up: 3 rounds

30 seconds Jump rope

5 push ups

8 air squats

10 plank twists total-forearm plank twisting hips side to side to touch the floor or your mat

Skill: 2 rounds

8 Goblet squats hold a weight between your hands at chest level, preferably a kettle bell, and squat down

Max plank hold-forearm or high plank

8 each side Bicep curls

8 Lateral arm raises-raising your arms out to a T with dumbbells in each hand

Workout: Every minute on the minute for 8 minutes complete the following exercises. If you finish all 7 within the minute, you can take a break. You begin again at the next minute.

Jump squats-7


Step ups-7-use a step or a box

Stretch/Recovery: 3 rounds

10 wall angels-Place your back against the wall with your knees slightly bent. Arms will move from your sides to above your head if you have great mobility. If not reach your arms as far as they will go. Keep your back against the wall and engage your core. Don’t forget to breathe!

10 scorpions total-lying face down with arms out to a T, swing your right leg to meet your left arm and your left leg to meet your right arm once your right leg is back on the ground.

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