Don’t Forget to Stretch!

My friends! Happy National Pet Day!!! Macey hasn’t been able to go outside due to nasty rainstorms here in Austin, but she’s still happy playing ball inside. Despite the weather though, I was able to flip a 500+ pound tire 120 times and run/row close to two miles. Not only is my body fatigued but my wrists are very tight. I will be stretching my wrists, back and hips this evening as part of my recovery work.

You may be wondering how does one stretch the wrists. You can do so by being in table top position on all fours. Walk your hands in front of your body and raise your fingers off the ground for 10 breaths. For a deeper stretch, you can scoot your knees back farther and rock forward onto your hands and wrists. Another good one for the wrists is turning the hands to face one another. The fingers face into one another. Raise the palms off the ground and continue to do so for about 10 breaths.

To stretch your back and hips you can do glute bridges. Lie down on your back and engage your abs. Tuck your pelvis in while lifting your hips off the ground. Try to keep the pelvis tucked and your glutes squeezed on the hold at the top. Squeeze your glutes as you come back down to the ground. Try to do 10-15 of them.

Also don’t forget that water is key with heavy lifts or tough workouts. If you’re not properly hydrated, the body will shut down and off temporarily. That’s a huge risk when lifting! Enjoy your evening and rest 8+ hours tonight

xoxo B

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