Read your labels!!

Thursday y’all!!!!! Wahoo!!! I’ve been busy buying new equipment and studying up on nutrition for the overweight population. It’s time to help those folks out, because most of it is training the brain on what to eat and how to eat. We all have our own opinions on specific diets, how much food to eat and when to eat daily. I fortunately found my sweet spot and what works for me personally, but there are a lot of folks who still struggle.

They complain about their mood, acne, headaches or being tired all the time. If you’ve been reading my articles, you know that those issues are from consuming too much sugar. Sugar is seriously a huge pain in the arse, and it is in almost everything we consume except water.

I read every label, even on the carton of eggs! You never know what’s hiding in your foods! Anything that ends in ‘ose’ is usually a form of sugar. Most people tend to see apples or oranges as a great source of natural sugar and to consume them daily. However, fruits are full of “natural sugars” to stay more ripe or taste sweeter. I always grab organic or grass-fed and not just because that’s on the label. I’m educated on what goes into my body, and I’m aware of each morsel I consume. Sometimes I cheat of course, and then my whole body is off track for a few days or maybe a week depending on the food. If you were to look at Gatorade for instance, there’s approximately 32 grams of sugar in 1/2 of a serving. That means the whole bottle has 64 grams or more of sugar! We are allowing these drinks to fly off the shelves and into our children’s hands not reading the labels first. If I could give you advice on Nutrition 101, please read what you’re eating or giving to your family. It’s a reason why we are an overweight country.

Many of you may be thinking about foods that do not have labels, but there are nutrition facts on spinach, apples, and other fruits and vegetables online or through MyFitnessPal; great tool to track your food by the way! If you’re struggling trying to figure out how much to eat, when to eat or what to eat, consult your doctor and ask for help from the nutritionist. But before you do that, educate yourself on labels and what you’re eating. There are some dangerous goodies out there that pack on the pounds easily! If you need help from me with meal plans or advice, email me at Good luck!

xoxo B

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