Strength and Conditioning Classes

HAPPY HUMP DAY!!!!!!!!! I cannot stop smiling today, and there’s a number of reasons for that. This morning Macey and I trained some folks at a park, she ate some of my stationary cones and I found a baby bird I was able to help out of the road. Successful day which is not over!

I wanted to share with you about my S&C class, because it’s important to know that working out is not always resistance training or marathon running. Basic skills such as breath work, stability and mobility and mental wellness all play a part into our training. Today I focused on plyometric training, footwork and agility to expose weaknesses. I say it in a healthy way, because we’re not perfect by any means. I too was defeated after receiving some body work and basically was told all my ‘hard work’ as a lifter means nothing without the basics! It’s so true, and we tend to forget the basics as coaches. We are just as eager to jump into a routine with a client rather than showing them how to stretch properly with great form before a heavy dead lift. The S&C class gave me guest insight on teaching the basics of sprinting, and I need to fine tune my program as I go along.

I am not going to share ALL of the details of my class, because I want you to join me! My class will be at Mueller by the Lake Austin, TX at 12:30pm on Saturday’s and 9:00am on Sunday’s. The format will remain the same on both days. I will tell you what we will work on and that is as follows:

Cone drills

Ladder drills

Footwork and stability

Circuit training tabata style

Dynamic and static stretching

I will run this course for 6 weeks for $25/class or $150 for all 6 weeks. The very first day of class, we will test our 40 yard dash and do it again 3 weeks out and again at 6 weeks. If you work this program as it is designed, you’ll improve on conditioning and during your sport activities. Long distance runners are welcome, especially those looking to improve their sprinting!

I hope to see you this Saturday @ 12:30pm in Mueller by the Lake Austin, TX. Come ready to work!

Xoxo B

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