Soup for Lunch Today!

It’s almost 90 degrees here in Austin, but I am having soup. Why? For one, soup can regulate body temperature during any type of climate. It’s delicious and homemade too, and if you’re ever over my house that’s your appetizer!


2 cups of chicken or bone broth

1 whole avocado mashed

2 tablespoons of grass fed butter at room temperature

1 teaspoon of sea salt

1. Mash up the avocado and work in the butter

2. Add salt to the broth and the avocado mixture

3. Heat up the broth either by stove fire or microwave for approximately 3 minutes

4. Add lime or more salt for taste and enjoy!

xoxo B

2 Replies to “Soup for Lunch Today!”

  1. Brittany Is this a single serving size? I’m going to make it. Got the butter you told me too

    Sent from my iPhone with love and possible typo’s.



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