Try Something New this Week

I finally have time to write today for you all! I was up all night sick as a dog and all of this morning. I caught some sort of stomach flu, and let me tell you it was NOT pretty. We all come down with something nasty, but I do not wish the bug onto my worst enemy! My stomach is still a little queasy, but you must keep moving even when you’re sick. No excuses on being better than yesterday!

Even though I was not my 100% self today, I still tried a new workout routine with my favorite coach of @HalazonFitness. She took me to a Pilates studio, and she tortured my abs for a full hour! It was fascinating to not sweat, yet I worked harder in that studio than I have with weights in a gym. You do not realize how vital your core is until you start using it during your exercise routines. I highly recommend trying out a Pilates class or a yoga class if neither of those have ever been implemented into your weight lifting routine or vice versa.

It is healthy for your body and mind to try a new workout, food, or chocolate! I welcome all 3 of those 🙂

For questions on workouts and meal plans, contact me @

Xoxo B


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