Client-82 Year Old Barbara

Barbara came to me with shoulder issues on the left side (as shown below), but a willingness to work and patience to heal. I discovered not only did she have shoulder issues, but Barbara’s right hip was and still is out of line. She uses the shoulder to pull her forward and the hip to pull her backwards creating an uneven plumb line. We are working on stabilizing the hip by the use of walking polls. She puts one poll in front of the other and then steps with both feet, one at a time, towards the polls. The shoulder will take more time, but by stabilizing the hip we will have less risk of injury from falling or bumping into things.

As for the shoulder…Barbara tore her rotator cuff about 20 years ago. She suffers from rheumatoid arthritis in her joints, and the shoulder was unfortunately affected recently. We use bands in our workouts and the crown on her head is teaching her to sit up straight like a princess. In one week, we’ve already made a lot of progress. Come July, I promised Barbara we’d go dancing for her 83rd birthday, and I will see to it we make it happen!

xoxo B



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