Busy Busy Busy

Hi Friends!!

How are you all? I want to thank you for being patient with me as I try to prioritize 4 jobs and my blog. Life seems to be throwing many opportunities my way, and I am in need of figuring them all out. Luckily I am meeting with my new mentor this weekend for help on organizing my thoughts and my new adventures!

When I get busy and have a million plates to juggle, my anxiety goes through the roof. It’s not pleasant, and I struggle to relax. When I get home at the end of a long day, I want to eat everything and cry while eating. I’m really focusing on meditating and enjoying the opportunities God blessed me with, but I’m forgetting something: myself. I am forgetting to make a routine and without it I fall. I fall through the cracks and let myself get off track. Unhealthy habits such as not packing my food for the road or taking time to enjoy it while eating. Lacking in the sleep department, because I am worried where the next appointment is amongst other things.

We can’t forget to put ourselves first even when we have kids or animals. Your life is precious, and you cannot sacrifice yourself for someone else. There’s a reason on the airplane they say to put your life vest on first. Make sure you listen to your body, mind and soul. You will thank yourself once you do! I for one know I need routine and structure. That’s my focus for the next 2 weeks; putting everything in order.

Well friends, off to see a client! I wish you nothing but happiness today. I will write again tomorrow, God willing!

Oh yes, your tip of the day: 5-10 big inhales through the belly and exhales through the mouth. Let that sh*t go!!!!

xoxo B

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