Paleo FX Conference


I hope you are all enjoying your week thus far! I know I sure am! I’m up in weight because of muscle, but I’m down 1% of body fat. No complaints there!

This past weekend, I went with my mentor to the Paleo FX conference here in  Austin, TX. We sure did enjoy all of the snacks and fit people handing out goodies. What struck me was one particular booth though, and it was two young men. They were selling CBD oil. CBD is derived from hemp which is high in cannabidoil (CBD) and low in THC (tetrahydrocannabidoil). They explained to us the benefits of using CBD to treat several disorders such as depression and anxiety, sleep deprivation, arthritis and cancer.

I decided to try a sample of the oil by spraying the cinnamon flavor into my mouth. Prior to that, I was super amped up. I drank coffee, had a few snacks (no sugar), and overly excited to be with my mentor for the day. Once that CBD oil hit my tongue, the world slowed down and mellowed me out. I’m not sure if my personal anxiety was kicking in at the conference, but I never felt more relaxed! It was beautiful, however; I went to a picnic shortly after and pigged out. One of the side effects of CBD is an increased appetite. I personally have a very delightful sweet tooth. It went to town on Sunday!

If I had a choice though between THC and CBD, I would choose the latter, ladies and gents. If you are a marajuana smoker, no judgement, please check out the facts of CBD versus THC. You’ll still receive the same mellow “high”, but maybe you won’t be paranoid or have lucid dreams or hallucinations. Just think about it!!

The conference was well run and very organized. We were extremely impressed by folks speaking on topics such as hormones and how they effect your workouts, ketogenisis and studies behind the diet, and many more topics. I will for sure go back next year, and I think I’ll buy some CBD while I’m at it!

xoxo B

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