Holy Workout, Batman!!

Remember when you were around high school age, and you couldn’t wait to be done school for the summer? Remember working your first summer job, maybe you were a bus boy or girl or you were the host or hostess? Do you remember making a few bucks and thinking that was golden cash you couldn’t spend? Well friends, every memory of my childhood flashed in front of me today as I completed the Murph workout. If you belong to a gym, most of us participated in the same horrendeous workout. Murph was a soldier who died in Afghanistan in 2005. He loved Crossfit and the particular workout I participated in this afternoon.

Here in Austin at 4:00, it was 90+ degrees with 85+% humidity. The workout is the same every year, but unfortunately my time didn’t improve from last Memorial Day. Why? Last year, I did not do the workout strict. I scaled it, and I finished in record time around 35 minutes. However, this year it took me 49:29. I did the full workout the way it is designed, and it sucked! I applaud those who can run as if their life depended on it. My friend and I took our time, but we both were very winded.

The workout is as follows:

1 mile run/100 pull ups/200 push-ups/300 air squats/1 mile run

I did not add a weight vest this year, but I think I will do that next year. I struggled on the beginning run. I threw up as I started to take off and knew it was going to be a rough one. The run was all hills, and it was 1.07 miles; yes, I ran a total of 2.14 miles after crushing my body. It is nothing in comparison though to the men and women who fought and continue to fight for us. What is one workout to honor a fallen soldier? Just every single childhood memory flashing before me as I vomit in my own mouth. How’s that for a visual?

Anyway, I am grateful to have all 4 limbs, a clear and sober mind and body and a support system to rely on when life is miserable or difficult. There is too much negativity in the world, and if one workout can bring the country together today then we’ve all done our part. God bless all of you, our country and our heroes! May we serve together as one for liberty and justice for all who live here!

xoxo B

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