Motivation Monday

Hello to you all! Yesterday I competed in a Strong Person Competition, but unfortunately I blew out my shoulder unexpectedly. I finished the damn competition, because I am not a quitter. However, I am very beat up and need some time to relax my body. I only went to the gym today for active recovery and walked this evening with Macey after the thunderstorm.

Today also marks my 2 year Austin anniversary. I was super sad today, but I picked my sorry ass up and stretched at the gym around my favorite people. Could I have stayed home and complained or complained to my clients? Sure! I am positive that happens often, but I am not that person. I cannot feel sorry for myself. Self motivation is not easy for most people, but finding the will ano the way makes you more successful.

if you truly want something or someone in your life, you will fight like hell to get what you want. Feeling sorry for oneself can be a temporary mishap, and we are allowed to be in that moment. It is when we allow it to manifest and take over that the breaks should be pumped and we say no to ourselves for allowing self defeat!

If at any point you’re stuck, need advice or someone to chat with, know that I am here! Yes, I am a trainer, but I have two ears and a heart that loves to give!! Be well my friends!

xoxo B


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