Sunday’s Sermon

Hi Y’all!

Yes, I’ve missed a few days of writing, but 11 clients and growing, consulting and studying all took a hold of me this week; plus my own workout schedule. Today I went to a lovely mass with my friend Brittany. We learned about the meaning of despair and how to think of it as a positive word. For me that is extremely difficult to do during times of heartache or negative influences around us i.e. social media. There’s this perception versus reality that people lead with, and before you even meet them you feel as f you know them. However, their lives online do not reflect their true soul. One cannot tell me that they are smiling all the damn time and happy with their relationship every minute of the day. It’s those that do not share their lives that I admire, unless of course it has to do with plans for their birthday on Facebook. I tend to forget, and those reminders are extremely helpful!

Speaking of reminders…despair! The definition was said to be the giving up of hope. There’s a verse in the Bible Psalms 88 that speaks exactly the truth about despair. The author reflects that he is troubled and unworthy of living, but he knows deep down that God has a place in his heart and life. He knows God will be there through the good times and the bad ones. He is upset that the Lord decided to forget about him during his time of need, but that is not true. God is always with us, even when we are exercising!

Now I know you may be wondering why I am bringing up despair, loss of hope or defeat, but it’s quite obvious that goes on in our world today. For example, when you miss a lift at the gym or cannot finish one more push up, you feel defeated. Some of you may even cuss or become agitated and scream “Jesus Effing Christ”;

I am guilty of it many times. When you are working out with a partner and they don’t push themselves, you get upset and take frustration out on them. You get home and criticize them for being a waste of your time and you spew hate and negativity towards them. Do you mean to do that? Do you mean to throw people under the bus?

No, but you’re doing it out of despair! You feel as if you let them down or they let you down or you both let the coach down. You’re angry and need to take it out on someone, but what about asking the big man upstairs for some guidance? Reminder: He’s always there like that character in Hey Arnold with the flashlight; you may not see Him, but he pops up unexpectedly!

Disclaimer: You may not believe there is a Higher Power, and that is perfectly OK. What I want you to think about is actually thinking before you speak or write out thoughts even the not so nice ones. There is positivity behind despair. How you ask? Out of our tragedies, there is and always will be a glimmer of hope. It could come from God, it could come from within or someone else. We may not always see the beautiful message written out on paper or in the words we speak to someone else, however; there is always a lesson learned.

You may not lift 100+lbs this week, but that does not mean it won’t happen the following week. We cannot let despair conquer our truth: the truth that God is there to guide us home no matter what. The truth always seems to set everyone else free, so why not start? Be honest, always. Do what you say and follow through and mean it. If you love someone, tell them! What do you have to lose? A little heart-break? Guess what comes out of heart break, a stronger resilient YOU!

I may not make any sense in this article, and I sure as hell don’t care. I am living my truth. I am still human and will face despair running a business. I will break down and lose my mind at times! I know though that God watches my every move. He is not going to let me fail no matter what as long as I keep pushing and believing.

Friends, believe in yourself. Know that this life is possible to be your true self. With love and kindness, I wish you a happy Sunday!

xoxo B

4 Replies to “Sunday’s Sermon”

  1. I loved this post! I am very involved in fitness as well, but I came across your blog being a Christian. I post bible study reflections on my blog if you want to check them out!

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      1. I’m still young, but I’m interested in becoming a trainer in the future so I am so excited to hear from you!


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