Life: It Doesn’t Slow Down for Anyone!

Hey y’all!!

It’s been a hot minute since I wrote a little something for you! I am acquiring new clients, diving into new projects, studying more fitness related topics to add to your workouts and to top it off looking to move soon! Plus it is so disgusting outside in Austin that by the time I “sit down” aka fall asleep, that’s my only break during the day (besides eating or my own workout)!

I do want to discuss a topic that is weighing heavily on my mind and that is life as we know it. We are made to be machines and keep pressing forward with resiliency and brilliant minds full of magic and love. Sometimes we are too caught up in the fantasy of the outside world that we forget to turn inward and see who we truly are as a human being. Are we making a difference in the world as we grow up? I don’t mean are you personally growing, because you should and will do that anyway. What I mean is are you going out of your way to help someone else in need? Are you striving to make the world a more beautiful place?

I do not train people for fame, money or power. I PRIVATELY train clients, and you would never know I did so for a living. No, I am not bragging about being a trainer, but I will take a second to brag on who I train.

One client came to me asking to help her put weight on, because she never was able to do it herself. We discussed why and how I could help. She started weight training with me at 125lbs at 5’7. After 2 months of working together, she put on 10lbs of muscle mass, was lifting more than she ever thought was possible and seemed extremely happy with her own goals. I can’t take credit for that! She wanted to work and put an effort into herself. What did I do then? Drew up a timeline, a program for her to follow, nutrition to fulfill her dietary needs and watched her grow into herself. We recently separated our trainer/client relationship, but it’s an example of someone who made a difference in my life and I in theirs!

We tend to lose sight of why we are here on Earth; to make a significant impact on the lives of those around us. I am religious and pray often to ask my God for guidance. Just last week I asked him to help me find new people to train so that o can continue to serve my purpose. Of course he delivered per usual!

It comes back to finding your true calling before life passes you by and you’re stuck wondering what happened! For fucks sake, follow your heart!!!! I cannot say that enough to friends and family! It’s been a blessing, a struggle and a downright slippery slope of a few months,  but I know it is what I am supposed to be doing with my life. Do not let life run away from you or run you down. Stand your ground, ask for guidance, and give your time to others who need it. You will impact more than you’ll ever know, and you can change your life by doing a simple act of kindness!!

Rest well!

xoxo B

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