Life Update!!


A huge thank you for being patient with me for a full month! I personally was quite busy with new business ventures, hurricane Harvey donations and deliveries and moving from one part of town to the other! Here’s a quick update on everything:

1. I moved out of downtown Austin and to the suburbs. I could not be happier with the location! I’m only 15 minutes from the city, but I’m close to the gym; pure gold for me!

2. I started working with those in recovery from drugs and alcohol, and it’s a blessing in itself. Having been there 4 years ago, I can reflect upon my mistakes of not taking advice from others when I needed it. I am grateful for this wonderful opportunity, and I thank God for sobriety!

3. Hurricane Harvey may have devastated Houston and its surrounding areas, but it did not destroy Texas! Never have I seen so many folks in this nation dedicate their time, money and efforts to help people and pets displaced from their homes. My friends and I collected a whole garage worth of donations for families most in need. It was rewarding and karmatic; yes that is a word! I would love to personally thank those who donated to us to help, and now they can all write it off for their taxes!

With all of that said, let’s talk what is next for BMAPP Fitness! We will be running kids classes the end of this month at Fuerte Fitness in Austin. We will work with 5th through 8th graders. The focus will be on speed, agility, quickness and mental toughness. The program will run 6 weeks after school for approximately 1 hour. For more details, contact Fuerte Fitness in Austin. Limited space is available!

We are working with a lot of senior citizens and travel to nursing homes or 55+ to train them. We focus mainly on muscle memory and movement patterns. No workouts are the same, and they love seeing us every week!

When you’re interested in training with BMAPP Fitness, reach out to us at! We will help you answer any questions or hesitations you may have about training. We look forward to hearing from you! Happy Labor Day!

xoxo B

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