Why Kid’s Rule

Howdy Y’all!!!

Happy Tuesday evening! I hope you’re all enjoying the start to the fall season. It is still extremely humid and muggy in Texas with 0% chance of change, but I will gladly accept heat over freezing cold temperatures any day! Speaking of HOT, I coached my first kid’s class today at Fuerte Fitness. I am extremely excited to teach them not only movements they can use on a daily basis but why health and nutrition are both important.

We began our class getting to know a little bit about one another while on yoga mats; no socks or shoes the entire practice. I asked each child their favorite thing to do in the whole world, and they came up with very imaginative ideas. Honestly, it helped me see how innocent children can be, and it brought me back to my childhood at that fragile stage in life. I loved every second of being with them today and coaching them through movements. I am blessed beyond belief to be part of their fitness and health journey for the next 6 weeks!

Here’s what we worked on today:

Warmup-Ladder drills: 2 feet hops/1 foot hops 3 times through. At the end of both ladders were cones. The athlete had to complete the ladder, grab onto the cone and begin the second ladder while holding the cone. They went through the same exercise through the second ladder and grabbed a second cone. They handed the cones off to the next athlete who handed off their jump rope. (If you were not going through the ladder, you were jumping rope before the cones were handed to you to begin the ladder series.) The next athlete had to go through the ladder with both cones, and at the end of each ladder place the cones back where they were at the very beginning of the exercise. Each athlete completed the ladder 3 times through.

Agility ball throws in a circle. We spent about 5 minutes through the 8 point ball to one another. The athlete needed to catch the ball in 1 bounce. If they were unable to do so, each athlete did 5 jumping jacks.

Tabata: 20 seconds on 10 seconds of rest

The athletes had 20 seconds to bounce a large fitness ball into a hula hoop. They kept track of their reps for 4 minutes. The team with the least amount of reps did 10 pushups, but all of the athletes decided to join and do 10 pushups together.

Workout: 3 round stations for 45 seconds per exercise with a partner

1st station was jump rope and jumping jacks
2nd station was skips in place and lunges either in place or walking
3rd station was air squats and punches to a punching bag and/or fitness ball

We finished our workout with deep belly breathing and we set a positive intention for the rest of the day. We spoke about our dinner plans for the night and the importance of exercise and nutrition. I asked each athlete what they learned from their 1st practice. Each response was different, but one mentioned he learned how to squat properly. With a grin on my face, I thanked them all for their honesty and showing up. I was delighted to send them all home hopefully tired to their parents!

This is yet another journey in my forever growing career as a fitness instructor, I cannot wait to see what happens over the next few weeks. I mostly look forward to being one of the kids again 🙂

xoxo B

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