Dream Big or Go Home

Have you ever wanted to discover your life’s purpose? Why you were brought into the Universe? Why were you chosen to be you? It often crossed my mind as a young child.

At the age of 9, our teacher asked us to create a ‘life map’ from birth until death with events in between. After graduating from The University of Tennessee, I wrote, on a full basketball scholarship, I decided to be the first 7 foot female in the NBA. Four years later, I would retire, become a nurse and start a family in Texas with my cowboy husband at 28. Our 5 boys would run our farm while I ran our adult day care center. At 67, I would be run over by a car and die. That was my plan at 9!

HOLY COW! I used to think if my life wasn’t planned out how I wrote it out to be, it didn’t truly exist. I’d become extremely frustrated and upset that things wouldn’t go my way and then anxiety and overeating would start. I think back to the time I followed the rules and wrote my sad life’s journey. I mean come on, who wants to drop dead at 67 and by a car???

Today at 30, I can look back at how that ‘life map’ turned out; most of it did not come true. I’m 5’1 1/2 (yes, 1/2 inch!), played Division II basketball in college, did not marry at 28, and 0 kids or significant other. I did however make it to Texas and nursing is not out of the question! I forgot how fun it was to be a rebel and not listen to anybody but myself!

xoxo B

BULK UP — The 10 Most Important Fitness Goals

It Requires Frequent Eating

Eating five or six small meals a day keeps your body’s metabolism firing. If you don’t eat often, the most readily available substance for the body to consume is muscle—not fat. The body is resistant to fat loss and will turn to attacking lean muscle first. Keep plenty of fuel in the tank so muscle is not consumed.

Sleep Is Key

It’s difficult to build muscle without adequate sleep — seven hours a night, preferably eight. Sleep is when most of your hormones, such as growth hormone and testosterone, are released, allowing your body to recover and grow. Without adequate sleep, you’re sabotaging your efforts to build muscle.

The Foundation Is Important

Beach muscles and Olympic lifts draw more attention. But the many little stabilizer muscles around your shoulders, hips, and midsection — collectively the core — provide a strong foundation. Challenging the stability and mobility of these key muscles with medicine balls, physioballs, mini-bands, and rotational movements (lifting, chopping) pays huge dividends.

Routine Is The Enemy

Training at a consistent time of day is a great thing. But having a routine workout is not since the body quickly adapts. Constantly challenge yourself by adding different movements. When you do turn to a familiar exercise, aim for a personal best.




Workout for Today!

Here is your Tuesday sermon: Do not let anyone in your way! If you want something, make it happen. Don’t let fear get in the way of your success. The money and positive side effects will be there, but you need to put in the time and effort. That is my main reason for slacking off on my website blog! I have been fortunate enough to gain a few great clients, and they take priority over my blog. Don’t worry, I will still write but when I have the time!! For those of you who have not worked out yet or need extra love, here’s your workout!

3 rounds of 10:

Walking lunges/Bicep curls/Burpees/Jack Squats/Jumping Jacks

3 rounds of 10:


6 rounds-1min for each round

20 High knees/10 air squats/5 squat jumps/2 Burpees

3 rounds of 10:

Squat to hammer curl/Reverse fly/mountain climbers/Plank Jacks/Sprint for 10 seconds!

Enjoy!! Xoxo B

Motivation Monday

Hello to you all! Yesterday I competed in a Strong Person Competition, but unfortunately I blew out my shoulder unexpectedly. I finished the damn competition, because I am not a quitter. However, I am very beat up and need some time to relax my body. I only went to the gym today for active recovery and walked this evening with Macey after the thunderstorm.

Today also marks my 2 year Austin anniversary. I was super sad today, but I picked my sorry ass up and stretched at the gym around my favorite people. Could I have stayed home and complained or complained to my clients? Sure! I am positive that happens often, but I am not that person. I cannot feel sorry for myself. Self motivation is not easy for most people, but finding the will ano the way makes you more successful.

if you truly want something or someone in your life, you will fight like hell to get what you want. Feeling sorry for oneself can be a temporary mishap, and we are allowed to be in that moment. It is when we allow it to manifest and take over that the breaks should be pumped and we say no to ourselves for allowing self defeat!

If at any point you’re stuck, need advice or someone to chat with, know that I am here! Yes, I am a trainer, but I have two ears and a heart that loves to give!! Be well my friends!

xoxo B


Holy Workout, Batman!!

Remember when you were around high school age, and you couldn’t wait to be done school for the summer? Remember working your first summer job, maybe you were a bus boy or girl or you were the host or hostess? Do you remember making a few bucks and thinking that was golden cash you couldn’t spend? Well friends, every memory of my childhood flashed in front of me today as I completed the Murph workout. If you belong to a gym, most of us participated in the same horrendeous workout. Murph was a soldier who died in Afghanistan in 2005. He loved Crossfit and the particular workout I participated in this afternoon.

Here in Austin at 4:00, it was 90+ degrees with 85+% humidity. The workout is the same every year, but unfortunately my time didn’t improve from last Memorial Day. Why? Last year, I did not do the workout strict. I scaled it, and I finished in record time around 35 minutes. However, this year it took me 49:29. I did the full workout the way it is designed, and it sucked! I applaud those who can run as if their life depended on it. My friend and I took our time, but we both were very winded.

The workout is as follows:

1 mile run/100 pull ups/200 push-ups/300 air squats/1 mile run

I did not add a weight vest this year, but I think I will do that next year. I struggled on the beginning run. I threw up as I started to take off and knew it was going to be a rough one. The run was all hills, and it was 1.07 miles; yes, I ran a total of 2.14 miles after crushing my body. It is nothing in comparison though to the men and women who fought and continue to fight for us. What is one workout to honor a fallen soldier? Just every single childhood memory flashing before me as I vomit in my own mouth. How’s that for a visual?

Anyway, I am grateful to have all 4 limbs, a clear and sober mind and body and a support system to rely on when life is miserable or difficult. There is too much negativity in the world, and if one workout can bring the country together today then we’ve all done our part. God bless all of you, our country and our heroes! May we serve together as one for liberty and justice for all who live here!

xoxo B

Paleo FX Conference


I hope you are all enjoying your week thus far! I know I sure am! I’m up in weight because of muscle, but I’m down 1% of body fat. No complaints there!

This past weekend, I went with my mentor to the Paleo FX conference here in  Austin, TX. We sure did enjoy all of the snacks and fit people handing out goodies. What struck me was one particular booth though, and it was two young men. They were selling CBD oil. CBD is derived from hemp which is high in cannabidoil (CBD) and low in THC (tetrahydrocannabidoil). They explained to us the benefits of using CBD to treat several disorders such as depression and anxiety, sleep deprivation, arthritis and cancer.

I decided to try a sample of the oil by spraying the cinnamon flavor into my mouth. Prior to that, I was super amped up. I drank coffee, had a few snacks (no sugar), and overly excited to be with my mentor for the day. Once that CBD oil hit my tongue, the world slowed down and mellowed me out. I’m not sure if my personal anxiety was kicking in at the conference, but I never felt more relaxed! It was beautiful, however; I went to a picnic shortly after and pigged out. One of the side effects of CBD is an increased appetite. I personally have a very delightful sweet tooth. It went to town on Sunday!

If I had a choice though between THC and CBD, I would choose the latter, ladies and gents. If you are a marajuana smoker, no judgement, please check out the facts of CBD versus THC. You’ll still receive the same mellow “high”, but maybe you won’t be paranoid or have lucid dreams or hallucinations. Just think about it!!

The conference was well run and very organized. We were extremely impressed by folks speaking on topics such as hormones and how they effect your workouts, ketogenisis and studies behind the diet, and many more topics. I will for sure go back next year, and I think I’ll buy some CBD while I’m at it!

xoxo B


Hi All! If you are following my blog, are you interested in why I am writing? Are there topics you want me to cover? Please leave your comments below. I welcome your responses!

xoxo B

Workouts for Every Day!

Howdy! Here are some workouts to try if you’re at home or on the road. Try to do 3-5 rounds!

* squats (twenty)
* wall sit (twenty-five seconds)
* plank (fifteen seconds)
* push-ups (five)
* jumping jacks (thirty-five)
* crunches (twenty-five)
* lunges (fifteen)
* sit ups (ten)
* butt kicks (ten)
* squats (ten)
* crunches (twenty)
* jumping jacks (ten)
* push-ups (ten)
* lunges (twenty-five)
* sit ups (thirty-five)
* wall sit (forty-five seconds)
* plank (thirty seconds)
* butt kicks (twenty)
* squats (fifteen)
* sit ups (thirty)
* crunches (thirty)
* wall sit (thirty-five seconds)
* jumping jacks (fifty)
* butt kicks (twenty-five)
* lunges (twenty-five)
* plank (forty seconds)
* push-ups (ten)
* squats (thirty-five)
* crunches (twenty)
* lunges (fifteen)
* plank (thirty seconds)
* sit ups (fifty)
* wall sit (sixty seconds)
* butt kicks (thirty-five)
* jumping jacks (twenty-five)
* push-ups (twenty)
* squats (twenty-five)
* sit ups (forty)
* plank (sixty seconds)
* push-ups (thirty)
* crunches (thirty)
* lunges (sixty)
* jumping jacks (fifty-five)
* wall sits (forty-five seconds)
* butt kicks (fifty)
* first week – thirty-second sprint, thirty-second jog (repeat five times)
* second week – thirty-five-second sprint, forty-five-second jog (repeat six times)
* third week – forty-five-second spring, sixty-second jog (repeat seven times)
* fourth week – fifty-second sprint, forty-five-second jog (repeat eight times)
* fifth week – fifty-five-second sprint, thirty-second jog (repeat seven times)
* sixth week – sixty-second sprint, forty-five-second jog (repeat six times)
* seventh week – sixty-five-second sprint, sixty-second jog (repeat five times)
* eighth week – seventy-second sprint, forty-five-second jog (repeat six times)
* ninth week – seventy-five-second sprint, thirty-second jog (repeat seven times)
* tenth week – eighty-second sprint, forty-five-second jog (repeat eight times)

Busy Busy Busy

Hi Friends!!

How are you all? I want to thank you for being patient with me as I try to prioritize 4 jobs and my blog. Life seems to be throwing many opportunities my way, and I am in need of figuring them all out. Luckily I am meeting with my new mentor this weekend for help on organizing my thoughts and my new adventures!

When I get busy and have a million plates to juggle, my anxiety goes through the roof. It’s not pleasant, and I struggle to relax. When I get home at the end of a long day, I want to eat everything and cry while eating. I’m really focusing on meditating and enjoying the opportunities God blessed me with, but I’m forgetting something: myself. I am forgetting to make a routine and without it I fall. I fall through the cracks and let myself get off track. Unhealthy habits such as not packing my food for the road or taking time to enjoy it while eating. Lacking in the sleep department, because I am worried where the next appointment is amongst other things.

We can’t forget to put ourselves first even when we have kids or animals. Your life is precious, and you cannot sacrifice yourself for someone else. There’s a reason on the airplane they say to put your life vest on first. Make sure you listen to your body, mind and soul. You will thank yourself once you do! I for one know I need routine and structure. That’s my focus for the next 2 weeks; putting everything in order.

Well friends, off to see a client! I wish you nothing but happiness today. I will write again tomorrow, God willing!

Oh yes, your tip of the day: 5-10 big inhales through the belly and exhales through the mouth. Let that sh*t go!!!!

xoxo B

Mental Health: The Most Important Puzzle Piece

Happy Sunday!

Wow, it’s been one of those weeks where I did not have time to write, but I am back this evening with advice and hopefully encouragement. I will begin with a personal story, and maybe you can relate to me. Two years ago, I decided to move to Austin, but what I did not know was how much better life would be by making the transition.

I was in a job that has 0 room for moving up the ladder, and I was less than trilled of just getting by. My mental health was declining, even though I was not drinking anymore. At 28 my parents still felt the need to tell me how to run my life, my home, my relationships and my food habits. At that point, they both decided it was perfectly normal to disobey my boundaries and try to meddle in my personal business. But that’s what parents do, right? That is how they show they love you by always interfering and telling you how to live? WRONG! It was an added stress I did not need, not to mention working in Philadelphia at a dead-end job. I started creating a vision board, and on that board right in the middle was TEXAS in big, bold letters. I knew I had my answer from God, and I needed to move quickly.

I hopped on a plane with a friend, and we arrived in Austin March of 2015 to explore. Little did we know that SXSW was happening when we went downtown. We both thought it was just a really big party town every night, but we later discovered the truth of the music scene. We had 1 week in Austin and our second week in Houston to decide which town would be my next home. As I boarded my plane, my parents called to lecture on how I should act while in a new environment. I needed to be on high alert for drugs, guns, gangs and anything dangerous. I also needed to dress like a nun and be in bed by 9pm. These lectures, even before my vacation, always seem to turn into negative arguments with regret attached to hanging up the phone. Why did I let them bother me? I wanted to explore that thought while on my trip, and I found the answer while in Houston our second week.

I let them bother me, because all I ever knew was living in a small town and nothing else existed outside of our family. The world was always sheltered, and you needed to earn your travel after working 5+ years. You couldn’t take vacation unless they said it was okay. When I arrived in Austin, I felt home and free. I knew it was the place I was meant to live, and I needed to make a decision when I arrived home in Pennsylvania or I wouldn’t hear the end of the negative thoughts. After arriving home, I decided to take the risk of putting my home up for rent and look for a job in the Austin area. As fate would have it, on the same day no less, someone decided to rent out my house and I accepted a relocation package to move to Austin for my new position. I was thrilled to say the least, but my family would not speak to me. They told me I was abandoning them and it was wrong to pick up and leave. So I should stay in a dead-end job, keep living in a neighborhood that I didn’t want to live in, and see snow and darkness every winter? NOPE! BYE! I could not wait to make my move, but of course I knew a lecture was coming from them. Sure enough one night a knock on my door brought my father over with steam rolling off the top of his head. I had 1 more week in Pennsylvania before I made one of the biggest decisions in my life.

He laid into me telling me I was wasting my time. I was upsetting the family, and I was leaving everybody behind who loved me. Why did I need to go? The first thing I did was laugh at him. I calmly explained that I did not need anybody’s approval for my decisions anymore, and if I were to be judged than let God do the judging. He screamed at me for being honest and open, but I already made up my mind. I don’t change my mind for anyone let alone someone yelling at me in my own home. I told him he had 1 week to make things right with me or he wouldn’t be hearing from me once I arrived into Austin.

The time came to pack the car and get ready for my 2 day adventure with my friend and mom; reluctantly she agreed to make the trek with me. We left on a Friday morning from my parent’s house, and it was around 6am. I said goodbye to my sister, Gus the dog and finally my father. It was the very first time I can remember him saying he loved me to my face. Part of it guilt on his end and the other part was control. No longer could he show up unannounced, but I could anticipate every conversation would be some sort of lecture with stipulations. I did not care at that point. I felt released from the mentally unstable environment, and I began my own journey or self-discovery.

Today, I talk to my family more than once a week. They still struggle with boundaries, and I do not expect that to change today or tomorrow. They do however see how happy I am, and I honestly would not change a damn thing. I shared this story, because mental health is an important part of your life. Without mental stability, your puzzle is not complete! We may struggle finding time for ourselves, because we please everybody else. We then start to wonder why we are not cared for or loved by someone else. The reasons lie within ourselves; mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually. All four help us balance, and if one is out of whack we tend to feel unstable. Think about the next time someone or something throws you off your game. How were you affected? Maybe your weight went up overnight or your car broken down, and you become emotional because they happened within 2 hours of one another. You let it ruin your day or week, and then your emotions start piling up with negative thoughts. Your mental state is compromised, you overeat, forget to work out and you’re on a downward spiral! Yes, I exaggerated, but it can happen to the best of us.

If there’s anything to take away from this long blog it’s this: love yourself and follow your passion. You were made for a purpose, and you are capable of living a beautiful life. Put your puzzle pieces together one step at a time, and trust they will align. The voices in your head are only voices. Keep positive and keep loving yourself mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually! I am here if you need to talk about it!!

Xoxo B

Client-82 Year Old Barbara

Barbara came to me with shoulder issues on the left side (as shown below), but a willingness to work and patience to heal. I discovered not only did she have shoulder issues, but Barbara’s right hip was and still is out of line. She uses the shoulder to pull her forward and the hip to pull her backwards creating an uneven plumb line. We are working on stabilizing the hip by the use of walking polls. She puts one poll in front of the other and then steps with both feet, one at a time, towards the polls. The shoulder will take more time, but by stabilizing the hip we will have less risk of injury from falling or bumping into things.

As for the shoulder…Barbara tore her rotator cuff about 20 years ago. She suffers from rheumatoid arthritis in her joints, and the shoulder was unfortunately affected recently. We use bands in our workouts and the crown on her head is teaching her to sit up straight like a princess. In one week, we’ve already made a lot of progress. Come July, I promised Barbara we’d go dancing for her 83rd birthday, and I will see to it we make it happen!

xoxo B